CHANCOS aspires to create the most luxurious fashion empire in Vietnam from the very quintessence of national culture.

The luxury of CHANCOS here is not only material value but also spiritual value. To perfect a completely handmade costume, our artisans take hundreds of hours of hard work and a huge number of workers. At the top of the vanity, CHANCOS wants to use “magic” from the hands of Vietnamese artisans to realize the pencil color on paper of unique designs. It is the sophistication from the design stage to the production stage that each CHANCOS product can become unique works of art with superior sophistication. And of course, not everyone can own a true work of art, because one must feel the soul in it, must be in tune, imbued with the story conveyed in each work.

In the near future, CHANCOS will build a chain of 5* high-end stores across the country and hundreds of online stores to satisfy all high-end fashionistas. There is nothing more wonderful than when we choose an outfit that we can see with our own eyes, touch with our hands every fiber, every needle and thread. It is possible to imagine that the hand gently caressed the fabric, but it made us swoon, immersed as if we were sitting on a Gondola, hand gliding on the water of the Venice River!

Mission to bring good values ​​to the masses

For society, CHANCOS will put the word “loyalty” first; It includes honesty and truthfulness. Because CHANCOS products are launched on the market, they have to go through an extremely strict and strict process. When CHANCOS products are placed on the store shelves and delivered to the hands of stylish ladies and gentlemen, of course it must be sophisticated to every needle and point! CHANCOS wants what customers get here is the quality that matches the price. Moreover, CHANCOS elevates the position of Vietnamese traditional industries to a new level, bringing the very quintessence of national culture into unique works of art. CHANCOS aims at overseas customers, overseas Vietnamese living halfway around the world, when receiving the product, they will have nostalgia, longing, and love back home. Besides that, Another practical value that CHANCOS brings to society and to the country is the creation of job opportunities for thousands of workers. The core value here is that they have a job, a stable income and a very civilized working environment that offers many opportunities to learn and develop.

For customers, CHANCOS’s motto has always been “don’t try to sell but help customers buy”. CHANCOS confidently accompanies fashionable ladies and gentlemen on the journey to conquering beauty. No matter who you are, where you come from, what job you do, as long as you come to CHANCOS, you will all be valued customers and be served as “the ultimate”. Shopping is a way to entertain and relieve stress, so CHANCOS hopes that when customers come to shop and experience the services, they will feel comfortable, satisfied and can get the best value. CHANCOS builds a standard sales process right from the reception to the consultation, service, etc. And for those who are far away but cannot go to luxury stores to experience and shop, they can be satisfied with the choice. Choose from online stores.

For employees, CHANCOS is not only a workplace but also a second home. CHANCOS builds an extremely open, civilized and fair environment. The famous American billionaire Warren Buffett once said “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”, so for CHANCOS each employee is an important element to create a team. steady. Besides, CHANCOS constantly trains, trains, has exchange and sharing sessions to further improve service quality. To stand in a strong team, each person must have their own efforts and efforts, and for CHANCOS, they are the ones who bring CHANCOS’ services to customers and are an indispensable part. to build a great brand.

For partners, to be able to build a word “PREDIT” for a brand, for a business, it is not only a day or two but a whole process and we are completely confident in this. Of course, in the process of “cooperation for mutual development”, the parties will need to really promote their roles, find out the strengths and weaknesses, and come up with strategies and plans to achieve the goals. highest in the process of both sides working together

Product comes from love

It is CHANCOS’s experienced artisans who realize impressive masterpieces with full flavor. The special thing of CHANCOS is that it always cares about the actual condition of customers in terms of appearance. For women who have a relatively standard appearance and a well-proportioned figure, CHANCOS’s outfits will enhance their beauty and sexy curves. In addition, for middle-aged women who have many body defects, CHANCOS also has its own designs to suit and cover those defects but still ensure to make ladies and gentlemen she became beautiful, gorgeous, classy. It proves one thing that Chancos is a brand that comes from the love and desire to touch the hearts of women, in order to honor the value and beauty of Vietnamese women.