Weaving the desires of high quality materials, Black Rose is a delicate diary that any woman cannot miss. Each design of the collection has its own story. All suddenly woke up after a long dream, to step into the world, touch the perfection called Black Rose. In the world of flowers, the black rose emerges as a flower full of ghosts and mysteries carrying the story of Ellacos – the goddess of darkness – passed on by people around the world. This flower is also a symbol of a steely spirit, passionate and filled with burning passion.
Chancos chose black as the main color, representing the brand because in modern conception, black symbolizes wealth and nobility. Black has a very special meaning, is the only color that does not change, even if it is mixed with any other colors. It keeps its nuance like an adult, calmly walks through all the storms of life. Black represents nobility, elegance but still no less elegant. Many people love the color black because of its charisma, attraction, mystery, like a mask that hides the dark side and the secret things deep inside each person.

Originating from a love of luxury and impressionism, Black Rose is a combination of outfits with contemporary designs and flexible materials. Flexible combination and coordination of handcrafted arts but with separate highlights, creating a harmonious whole, embracing the quintessential values ​​​​that each Chancos design brings.